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Tales of Our Fathers: Reb Meilech's Tales #1

Tales of Our Fathers: Reb Meilech's Tales #1

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Reb Meilech’s Tales is adapted and written by Ramy Dubrow from stories told to him by his father, Rabbi Meilech Dubrow, with art by J.J. Lopez, Jim Lavery, and Scotty Schlueter.

The book recounts three of Reb Meilech’s stories: Subway Danger, The Witch And The Warlock and A Break From The Pack.

Reb Meilech’s Tales is the first issue of Tales of Our Fathers, an anthology series of Jewish
stories which contain humorous anecdotes, fantastical adventures, and powerful tales of
danger and triumph, as told by fathers and recalled by their children. This series aims to
showcase diverse perspectives of fathers from all corners of the Jewish world.

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